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In 20 years we have done even more than that….go on


WEIJI offers consultancy and tools for the digital transformation of large publishing groups, established corporate entities, small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and all other kinds of business types, both in the Italian and international markets.
Be it automotive multinationals, large or small publishers and even non-profit associations, with everyone, without distinction, WEIJI’s approach is always the same: identifying needs, proposing solutions, sharing attention to costs, agreeing on timelines, verifying processes and results.

Token Features

Digital publishing
is not nuclear fusion...

… but while it is well known that the latter will change human history, the former, digital publishing, is already part of a process now underway that will permanently change the way knowledge is disseminated and publishing is done.

A virtuous kick-off of these projects requires tools, software, lots of vertical expertise, and an overall vision that takes into account the whole process for the project to succeed.

If these topics interest you, it means you are in the right place: WEIJI has all the necessary equipment to accompany you on this new journey.

Token Features


I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...

And we also play a little with it….
“In 20 years,
fighting newco’s on fire
off the Stores,
and print-to-digital million-dollar projects
flash in the dark near the doors of Google.
And all those moments will be lost in time,
until someone gets over
the exhausting diatribe
between paper and digital.”

“It’s time to die,” Roy Batty closed.
We are spared this pessimism. For now.
Perhaps there is another possible reality.
The reality that sees publishers choosing to walk a tightrope for a not necessarily long time, balancing between change management (the exhausting diatribe…) on the one hand, and a deep understanding of opportunities on the other (and here we return to our WEI and JI…).
WEIJI lives in this reality and faces it with all its energy.

What we can do for you

We pass on the know-how to manage the process “in-house”,
or that of specialized teams accustomed to digital operations operating “in our house.”
Two, then, are the modes of the everyday.

Whitelabel tailormade

Supermarket chains, especially the better-known ones, have been doing this for years: the brand puts own-brand products on the market, perhaps creating particular lines, advertised for selection and reliability linked to the large distribution structure. Having ascertained this, it is clear that the origin of the product, the actual production cycle, cannot be generated by the supermarket, but by specialized industries that often sell their products even identifying themselves with their native brand.

This concept takes on a key role when the product is not just, for example, a type of mozzarella, but software. In this specific case, we speak of ‘SaaS (Software as a Service) white label’.

Assume that the idea, business model, human and economic resources, time and related business planning already exist. Software development is missing.

The WEIJI solution makes it possible to use ready-made and reliable platform and infrastructure “dressing them up” as if they were derived from the development of the company that owns the idea. Only the brand that originated the business idea will appear on a white label. All that will need to be done is to brand white-label solutions ready to sell, fully integrated, tested, verified, and go directly to market. No design, development, testing, debugging, and maintenance time will be required. No further action other than marketing and sales will be required.

All the time will be devoted to business development, with the predictable increases in ROI and expansion of business revenue.

Minimum viable product. What it is and how it is done

The acronym MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, where minimum is not to be understood as poor, small, shoddy…far from it…

Creating a product from scratch is not an easy task. The amount of work required of practitioners always seems endless and the time never sufficient. But what if the demands were not to produce perfection, nor to develop definitive content even anticipating the needs of the client? What if the demands were to give primary importance to speed of release so as to take advantage of the competition?

Oh, oh…. The two conditionals seem to shuffle the cards we are used to playing with quite a bit….

So what would happen if we decided to participate under these new rules?

What would happen is that we would see an MVP take shape!

  • A product that requires much less development time than the norm, while also eliminating unnecessary stepsun
  • A product with sufficient features to make it possible for early adopters to use it, the latter perhaps willing to provide early feedback for the benefit of developers and future development
  • A useful product to validate initial hypotheses with unique speed
  • A useful product for composing and verifying initial marketing strategies in record time
  • A product that perfectly represents the scientific method in the context of validating business hypotheses.

The Thematic Marketplace is an effective alternative to custom solutions.

We have implemented and are in the process of bringing online more than 20 thematic marketplaces verticalized on specific industries or themes, based on evolved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and AI-based content prediction techniques.

Privacy, cookielessness, difficulty in effectively targeting users, these are just some of the reasons that motivated us to build “digital environments,” connoted by a simple paradigm:

“it is essential today to create places where books, content and multimedia for very specific and polarized fields can be found in real time.”

In our model, the process is simplified at the end:

  • we collect the content that is transferred to us by the medium preferred by the client
  • quickly, we transform it
  • quickly, we proceed with publication and monitor sales
  • the client earns an agreed percentage of sales

MULTITENANT MODE: the white label at its most valuable

If the white-label strategy is understood and valued, MULTITENANT MODE will be correctly interpreted as the evolution of white-label taken to the end.

Let us analyze the existence of a huge and diverse corporate catalog.

The PROs: it is the only medium through which to distribute one’s content, with obvious advantages in terms of production, maintenance, communication and lead generation.

THE CONSEQUENCES: as the varieties of content and publications increase, the brand product sub-areas necessary to create a form of “order” in the catalog, become difficult to recognize and reach especially by the end user: too much distinct content and the cognitive load becomes unsustainable for the user.

The multi-tenant mode allows infinite sub-portals with their own distinct communicative, distributional, content, topic and user identity to be put into production on one portal.

The end user will be able to move from one topic area to another, always with the perception of being within an environment built ad hoc on the topic he or she is addressing.
The publisher finds himself managing a single system, with common production flows but with the ability to brand, select content and convey information vertically.

And how we work...

Through knowledge transfer best practices to manage “in your home” process,
or that of skillful teams accustomed to digital operations operating “in our house.”
Two, then, are the modes of the everyday.

IN-HOUSE: you do

Training will initially be disbursed to provide all the tools to enable the commissioning facility to operate completely independently. However, our specialists will always be available to provide support and answers in the face of any impasses. This is the mode IN-HOUSE.

HYBRID: we do it together

In the event that the willingness of the client lends itself to involvement in training steps and moments of operational sharing, the company’s interaction with WEIJI can take the form of a hybrid mode, which often becomes an intermediate step toward choosing the IN HOUSE mode.


There is a possibility that the client will only be asked for materials to be processed and uploaded, as well as a final verification of what is ready for publication. Everything else will be done by the work of our staff, and this is the “at our home” mode that best fits the definition OUTSOURCING.



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