The integrated, accessible, inclusive knowledge space for a new simple and immediate hybrid didactics

DigInsegno is a project born out of the CAPITELLO publishing house’s desire to offer the school world, with new distribution dynamics, supplementary contents of different genres: in DigInsegno, interactive exercises, videos, audios, print-ready worksheets, multimedia animations and various other in-depth materials are collected; in this platform, valuable aids are shared through which every teacher can find everything they need to supplement their lessons, in presence and at a distance!

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Aimed at teachers, DigInsegno is a vast ecosystem of educational resource portals verticalized by subject and delivered in headless mode (there is no compulsory initial section of the content path from which to access) and multi-tenant mode (from a single server containing all the materials, each path accessed appears as a dedicated, customised environment, but not necessarily isolated from the rest of the rich materials present in the system)

Multidisciplinary and interconnected

DigInsegno gathers digital teaching materials according to paths that simplify their selection and access, through a new classification that makes sharing and interoperability, between different fields of competence, immediate.

Adaptive paths

Each teacher uses different approaches to searching for and accessing materials; DigInsegno distributes the same content through structured teaching settings in different ways, to adapt to the specific content sharing paths of each individual teacher.

Multidevice and cross OS

There are no technological devices and/or operating systems that can hinder the user in their access to the world of DigInsegno.

Headless approach

As mentioned in the previous point on the subject of multi-tenant, our technology makes it possible to create back-end collections of material for distribution, and subsequently publish them in multi-tenant mode without worrying about navigation paths and user logic.

Content hub

In a single ‘place’, the publisher’s holdings aimed at a rich integration of teaching are ordered, archived, organised according to precise criteria: it is an archive that is always up-to-date, always updatable, always accessible.

Integrated DAM

A Digital Asset Management designed and built specifically on the dynamics of publishing, especially school publishing. Secure, organised but flexible, and constantly evolving.

DigInsegno is part of CAPITELLO’s strategies to differentiate its editorial proposals from those related to the universe of adopted school courses; it wants to be a platform that provides materials integrating everything that has been done and proposed in the publishing field of the recent decades, to experiment with new ways of interacting with the world of teachers.

DigInsegno is therefore no longer a ‘one to many’ proposal, but a ‘many to many’ one; the ambition is to be able to create a ‘community’ of teachers, enabling virtuous communication to involve the actors, teachers and publishers, to share technology, content and experience.

DigInsegno is accessible

OLHOS makes it possible to transform content born for printing into a new, digital, accessible, inclusive format.

DigInsegno is multi-format

DigInsegno allows the distribution of any format on all digital devices; from fixed layout to the enhanced book with on-page assets, and then the accessible reflowable book, audio books, webinars and any other form of digital content distribution.

DigInsegno is sharing

In addition to all the traditional sharing functions, DigInsegno allows full and fast integration with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom for effective hybrid teaching.


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