The digital ecosystem of the Treccani Giunti TVP group dedicated to the world of education

The publisher’s catalogue

The publisher’s entire catalogue organised by school grades, subjects and courses: the Treccani Giunti TVP hub for use on any device as long as it is equipped with an Internet access.

MyDbook App

MyDBook is the APP you can install on every device with your books: the digital book, the liquid book accessible DBookPLUS, the extra content.

MyDbook online is the online learning environment where you can consult your books without installation: the digital book, the accessible liquid book DBookPLUS, the extra contents.

Headless multichannel

The backend area makes it possible to transform the catalogue by producing versions and formats that can be distributed on any operating system or device.

Simple and intuitive editor

WEIJI has been evolving print-to-digital solutions for 20 years to make them more operationally accessible and aligned with the publisher’s proprietary workflows.

Unified Content HUB

A single ‘place’ to store, organise and transform the publisher’s assets: an archive that is always up-to-date, always updatable, always accessible.

DAM for school publishing

A Digital Asset Management designed and built ad hoc on the dynamics of publishers, especially those active in the educational sector. Secure, organised but flexible, constantly evolving.

School publishing (together with the school) finds the key and opens the door to the digital school. A teaching house open to teachers and students where they can consult, off-line or on-line without installation, their own books for study: digital book, DbookPLUS accessible liquid book, extra multimedia contents. All integrated with native apps for offline and the QR code reading app, to access digital content directly from the paper book using your smartphone or tablet.

The special and somewhat ‘unexpected’ characteristics of MyDbook make it a valuable system, dedicated to even the most diverse needs of its recipients and loaded with original openings towards a new kind of enjoyment of the BOOK, in all the versions offered.

Accessible liquid book

The OLHOS format makes it possible to transform content created for print into a new accessible and inclusive format for all users.

Neural text to speech

The integrated vocaliser allows text to be read in multilingual and with adherence to all DSA (Specific Learning Disorders) requirements; the user can customise text highlighting and many other functions.

Native multilingualism

OLHOS technology enables the distribution of ad-hoc constructed multilingual versions of text, or makes use of constantly updated machine translation APIs.

GDPR ready

OLHOS is by design compliant with all implications related to the processing of personal data, data and information security, and is generally up-to-date on GDPR.

Integrated with publisher systems

MyDbook is integrated with the publisher’s systems, from CRM to the management of authorised code releases, via promotion and propaganda logic.

Notes in the cloud is multichannel by vocation and allows end-users to resume reading from one device to another, retaining highlights, notes, preferences and reading settings.


MyDbook allows the distribution of any format on all devices: from fixed layout to the enhanced book with on-page assets, the accessible reflowable book, audio books, webinars and all forms of digital content distribution.

DAM-based multimedia packs

Olhos allows the distribution of multimedia materials integrated in DAM, so that they can take on forms and distribution specificities in relation to the different areas and target audiences.

DRM and licensing system

OLHOS allows for a customised definition of every aspect of Digital Rights Management of each single asset, page, volume or course of the publisher in a simple and, above all, protected manner.


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