WEIJI: the common sense of danger and opportunity

In 2004, influenced by the context of the multinational software company in which they work, the three founding partners of WEIJI mature the decision to operate directly in the market and start doing business in different ways and with different contents.

It happened at that time that they read about the meaning of the concept of CRISIS ascribed to the Chinese word WEIJI, whose ideogram is composed of two others: one, WEI, with the signifier of danger, the other, JI, with that of opportunity.

The members confront each other fascinated by the combination of the two concepts and the meaning derived from them, in that specific period and also in relation to their common wills.

On May 18, 2004, amid the protests of the notary called to draw up the founding deed, due to the excessive “difficulty” of the name, WEIJI was born.

Over time, linguistics has supported partially alternative interpretations of the initial concept we hold dear, especially with regard to “ji,” which is currently read more pertinently to the specification with the sense of “crux”.

It is a fact that for us at WEIJI, the meaning of the name has not changed: in the face of instabilities and lack of certainty, strength is to be found in a future vision, in the ability to arrange strategies, to move with dogged positivity, to anticipate the needs of the market in its continuous transformations.

"Our positioning has always been that of a borderline company: focus on what the future holds, feet firmly planted on the operational logic of the present."

According to some theories, including the opportunity/crucial point theory, the crisis is the moment when one is forced to make decisions: indeed, there is no better time to redefine one’s entire set-up and restart from a more solid foundation for lasting development.

For years, the all-Italian tendency of an approach based on chasing opportunities without carefully assessing the dangers has prevailed; the real crux ( the ji we used to say) we believe must be another: re-establishing the ability to be competitive and to understand the dynamics at work in order to prepare effective strategies and thus anticipate market needs.

WEIJI, for almost two decades, has maintained its vision on the evidence that every moment of crisis can determine a danger, but at the same time present a possibility, an opportunity; if this is true in everyone’s private life, it is equally applicable to the world of business: when business is strongly marked by technological content, the need for the entrepreneur to carefully assess the risk component, devoting himself to a modern and reasoned management of it, is even more significant. Deep understanding of the reasons that led to the crisis is the basic prerequisite of finding solutions to resume one’s business path, directing it to a new and higher level.

A 20-year road

WEIJI has been transforming and distributing content for the past 20 years, mainly in the educational field, managing the entire workflow from the creation of the physical object to its conversion into digital.

WEIJI developed the applications for the first interactive whiteboards, and went on to release web applications and native applications for all operating systems and mobile devices.

WEIJI has been involved in the market launch of e-learning systems, vertical CRMs, digital learning apps and strong relationship generation ecosystems, using the best partners in the market.

WEIJI’s vision, originally related to custom development, has always focused on the search for open and commercial solutions, with the sole aim of achieving its customers’ objectives. With this in mind, WEIJI has developed authoring and distribution management systems, advanced content protection tools and embedded e-commerce systems.

Over the last 10 years, the company has been chosen by big players in the educational market, and has gained very significant experience on both sides of the fence…

… on the publisher’s side:

common characteristics coexisting with specificities typical of each publishing reality, heterogeneous workflows and ad hoc operating modes, fruitful interactions with customers and more have exponentially increased WEIJI’s know-how, so that all its digital solutions are modeled on the client’s precise modus operandi.

… on the user’s side:

teachers, students, agents: everyone has different needs, strongly vertical and changing over the years. Due to the well-known pandemic context, the year 2020 brought about a huge increase in the use of digital platforms, and allowed us to collect significant numbers on individual aspects of actual daily use by users. Many illusions as many false myths have been dispelled by an accurate analysis of the available data, and at the same time specificities have emerged that cannot be determined a priori. But the beauty of numbers is that they tend to tell the truth…


OLHOS coming

WEIJI announces new product development


Vertical marketplaces

Launch of the first non-fiction vertical marketplace



Launch of 30 vertical thematic portals



The new ecosystem of IL CAPITELLO SPA Group


Kick-off DAM

Online the new Digital Assets Management SaaS



First release of the new Digital Publishing solution



Interactive annual reports for PWC



E-learning platform for the school publishing market



Bringing the GIUNTI Scuola and GTVP distribution system online



Weiji creates the distribution application for the CAPITELLO catalogue



Weiji’s Digital Content Platform, multi-channel and multi-OS


HR System

A SaaS ATS system based on semantic search engine



The first standalone interactive digital book release



European telemedicine project



Development of educational products for Interactive whiteboard


MERCURY project

Documentary Asset Management


DIANA Project

Rapid Cost Prototyping for Automotive


TESEO Project

Customer Relationship Management


WEIJI is born

from the recklessness of its founding partners


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